Nappy changing stations and nappy waste bins for all public bathrooms

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When away from home people are very aware of the hygiene levels of washrooms. However parents also need to deal with the needs of the infants and require safe hygienic and easy to use facilities to make their lives easier during nappy changes.

Hygiene Systems offers innovative baby change stations which can be utilize in large and space limited areas to assist washroom users with changing their babies nappies.

Disposing of nappy waste is also a large concern therefore Hygiene Systems offers the Nappyminder refuse bin with an odour control opening and pedal operated function to give mothers and fathers a hands free option to dispose of their waste.

The Nappyminder bin can also be used in old age homes and medical facilities to dispose of waste and prevent cross contamination.



In 2012, there was almost 42 million passengers passing through Rome airport – that’s over 100 000 people every day! Upon completion, the airport will be able to cater for over 100 million passengers each year.


A high percentage of passengers using the airport travel with children, and so installing good baby change facilities was a priority. Good quality baby change units which was also cost effective was the brief of the day.


Babyminder is a baby change table that provides parents and caregivers with a safe, secure and convenient surface to change a child’s nappy whilst away from their home.